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Direct DownloadDirect Daymet datasets with companion documentation

Direct Download

Daily Surface Weather Data for North America, pre-derived Climatologic Summaries, and spatially referenced cross-validation files with companion documentation files.

A THREDDS data server allows users to download data from a catalog within a Web browser or compatible client software.

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Single Pixel Extraction Tool Download a text file of daily data for any pixel location

Single Pixel Extraction Tool

Enter a single geographic point by latitude and longitude in decimal degrees. Daily data from the nearest 1 km x 1 km Daymet grid cell are extracted from the database and formatted as a table.

Data are available in a browser, for download, and plotted within a graphical visualization. Automate downloads using Web Services.

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Web Services Automate Single Pixel and Subset Services

Web Services

Retrieve data subsets for any pixel location, time period, variable and area subset programmatically using a RESTful Web Service.

Understanding these services allows a user to query and automate machine-to-machine downloads of data. Web Service client and libraries are available in multiple programming languages, allowing integration of subsets into users' workflow.

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Tiled Subsets 2-degree subsets of all variables in netCDF format

Automate Download Tiled Subsets

Daymet data distributed as gridded daily data in 2 degree x 2 degree tile subsets.

Tiled data are smaller subsets of the North American spatial extent of Daymet Tiled data are accessed through our TDS. Access and automated downloads methods are provided. Daymet tile subsets are referenced by a TileID, which is assigned within the Daymet algorithm. TileID is consistent throughout all years of Daymet data.

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Climatologies Through SDAT Visualize and download climatologies in selected extents, formats, and projections

Climatologies Through SDAT

Climatologies available through the ORNL DAAC Spatial Data Access Tool (SDAT) provides access to geospatial data through Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards-based Web Services.

Services allow users to select the spatial extent, format, projection and resolution of the data to be previewed and/or downloaded.

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Fixed Sites Subsets Daymet, MODIS, and VIIRS Fixed Subsets

Fixed Sites Subsets

Daymet data are available through the MODIS/VIIRS Fixed Sites Subset Tool.

The tool provides customized subsets and visualizations of several MODIS/VIIRS land products and Daymet daily surface weather data for selected field and flux tower sites around the world. Spatial subsets are available for predefined areas of about 8 X 8-km centered on the selected sites.

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