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Single Pixel Extraction Tool

Coordinates for a latitude, longitude pair (in decimal degrees) can be manually entered below or automatically filled by dragging the balloon in the map. Click on a tile (within the Google Map) to see the latitude and longitude bounds for that tile.
Enter the coordinates, Daymet variables, and time subset you would like in order to download, visualize, or preview the data.




Date Range Years

Browser URL requests are populated as variables and time subsets are selected in the GUI. See the Web Services page for additional information.

curl -J ',prcp,srad,swe,tmax,tmin,vp&start=1990-01-01&end=2006-12-31' -O

wget --content-disposition ',prcp,srad,swe,tmax,tmin,vp&start=1990-01-01&end=2006-12-31'