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To acknowledge the scientists who have created and shared data products, you should include a bibliographic citation to all data products that you use in your publications. Proper citations, including the authors, title, publisher, and DOI, will help others find and re-use the data.

Datasets Citations

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For full citation information, click on the appropriate dataset DOI below.

Daymet: Annual Climate Summaries on a 1-km Grid for North America, Version 4 R1

Daymet: Daily Surface Weather Data on a 1-km Grid for North America, Version 4 R1

Daymet: Monthly Climate Summaries on a 1-km Grid for North America, Version 4 R1

Daymet: Station-Level Inputs and Cross-Validation for North America, Version 4 R1

Daymet Version 4 Monthly Latency: Daily Surface Weather Data

Method Citations

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In addition to the dataset citation, the following should be used as the general reference for the methods used to generate Daymet data products:

Thornton, P. E., R. Shrestha, M. Thornton, S.-C. Kao, Y. Wei, and B. E. Wilson. 2021. Gridded daily weather data for North America with comprehensive uncertainty quantification. Scientific Data 8.

Thornton, P.E., Running, S.W., White, M.A. 1997. Generating surfaces of daily meteorological variables over large regions of complex terrain. Journal of Hydrology 190: 214 - 251.

For applications of the radiation and humidity data please include the following citations in addition to the general citation:

Thornton, P.E., H. Hasenauer, and M.A. White. 2000. Simultaneous estimation of daily solar radiation and humidity from observed temperature and precipitation: An application over complex terrain in Austria. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 104:255-271.

Thornton, P.E. and S.W. Running. 1999. An improved algorithm for estimating incident daily solar radiation from measurements of temperature, humidity, and precipitation. Agriculture and Forest Meteorology. 93:211-228.