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Daymet Version 3, Tile Distribution Grid

Daymet V3 2° x 2° tile distribution grid

Daymet Version Information

The Daymet dataset is stored and distributed as individual CF-Compliant netCDF file for each Daymet variable. The most current Daymet data is being delivered to the user in terms of both Daymet software and Daymet data versions. Version information is recorded in the header file of each of the CF-netCDF files within the Global Attribute fields; Version_software and Version_data. All Daymet data is provisional and subject to revision.

The Daymet Calendar

The Daymet calendar is based on a standard calendar year. All Daymet years have 1 - 365 days, including leap years. For leap years, the Daymet database includes leap day. Values for December 31 are discarded from leap years to maintain a 365-day year.

Daymet Projection Definition

The North American Daymet projection system and parameters:

  • Projection System: Lambert Conformal Conic
  • Parameters:
  • projection units: meters
  • datum (spheroid): WGS_84
  • 1st standard parallel: 25 deg N
  • 2nd standard parallel: 60 deg N
  • Central meridian: -100 deg (W)
  • Latitude of origin: 42.5 deg N
  • false easting: 0
  • false northing: 0

The spatial resolution of the Daymet gridded dataset is 1 km.